Memory Management Reference



The Memory Management Reference is maintained by Ravenbrook Limited.

Most of it was originally written by memory management experts in the Adaptive Memory Management Group at Harlequin Limited:

  • Nick Barnes
  • Richard Brooksby
  • David Jones
  • David Lovemore
  • Tony Mann
  • Gavin Matthews
  • Pekka P. Pirinen
  • Richard Tucker
  • P. T. Withington

Gavin Matthews was the original editor of the Memory Management Reference.

The Adaptive Memory Management Group no longer exists, and Harlequin has become a part of Global Graphics. However, most of the group’s work has been aquired by Ravenbrook Limited, whose directors are Richard Brooksby, the group’s chief architect and manager, and Nick Barnes, a senior group member.

Particular thanks go to Richard Jones for his enormously useful book The Garbage Collection Handbook, and for his comments on the Reference.

Many people have made valuable suggestions for the Reference and contributed glossary entries. We are grateful for the help of:

  • Judy Anderson
  • Giuseppe Attardi
  • Daniel Barrett
  • Leah Bateman
  • Stephen Bevan
  • Hans Boehm
  • Hans Feldt
  • Lars Hansen
  • Anthony Hosking
  • Paul Jackson
  • Mark S. Johnstone
  • Richard Kistruck
  • Stavros Macrakis
  • Gareth McCaughan
  • David A. Moon
  • Eliot Moss
  • John S. Pieper
  • Kent Pitman
  • Andrew Shires
  • Walter Spector
  • Martin Simmons
  • David Stoutamire
  • Tom Thomson
  • Mark Tillotson
  • JonL White
  • David S. Wise
  • Benjamin Zorn